Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation is a conceptual framework by Leah M. Kuypers which is designed to develop a learner’s self-regulation skills. Regulation is a person’s ability to effectively recognise, categorise, communicate and respond to their emotions. Intrinsic and extrinsic factors are acknowledged and strategies are put in place to assist e.g. sensory processing difficulties are targeted with toolbox strategies.

Emotions are automatically triggered in response to events. We use cognitive elements such as objectivity (size of the problem), motivation and understanding of other perspectives to regulate our emotions.

Green zone = happy, ok, engaged. Strategies: fiddle tool, short walk to get a resource, reinforcer

Blue zone = bored, tired, poorly. Strategies: alerting tasks, exercise ball, soft playroom

Yellow zone = silly irritated, excitable. Strategies: deep pressure, soft playroom, talking

Red zone = angry, hysterical, out of control. Strategies: reducing stimulating environment, give space