Pastoral support

We have a dedicated Assistant Head/Head of Pastoral care. 

Assistant Head/Head of Pastoral care supports the pupils and their families in school with various health and wellbeing advice – for example, the development of pupils’ risk assessments to include emotional risks as well as overseeing pupil care plans. Assistant Head/ Head of Pastoral care leads the school’s safeguarding team to ensure that support is in place for our pupils and their families such as attending: TAC meetings; CIN meetings; strategy meetings and/or professionals’ meetings. Assistant Head/Head of Pastoral careMichelle can support families and the pupils to access external support. Assistant Head/Head of Pastoral care can support with any referrals needed that can lead to family/social care support through local respite provisions in order to potentially provide access to term time, weekend and holiday short break support.

Safeguarding is central to everything we do at Tram House. Read our safeguarding statements for pupils and staff.

Parenting Smart (Place2Be)

The children's mental health charity, Place2Be, has launched a new website aimed at helping parents with typical situations they can find themselves in with their children.

Advice can be found on over forty topics including:

  • Understanding sibling rivalry
  • My child is lying, what does it mean, what should I do?
  • My child has trouble going to sleep
  • My child says ‘I hate you!’
  • Cultural identity: who am I?

You can find more information on The Parenting Smart website.

What activities are available on the Local Offer?

Many Local Authorities provide short breaks which give children and young adults time away from their family to relax and have fun. This also gives a valuable break from caring responsibilities for parents and carers. To find out more about what is available to families, click here.