Music therapy

We are currently partnered with Nordoff Robbins who are a national charity with a number of areas of activity, all focused on music therapy:

  • They provide Masters-level training for musicians wishing to become music therapists. As part of this we are hosting a trainee on placement.
  • They also provide a variety of in-service and CPD training opportunities for staff and volunteers across a wide range of health, care and education-related fields
  • Their research department carries out original research into music therapy, helping the profession to understand better the work it does, growing the evidence base for music therapy, and helping practitioners to document, communicate and evaluate their work
  • At the heart of their work is a desire to make the Nordoff Robbins approach to music therapy as widely available as possible to those who might benefit from it

What it looks like for our pupils

Music therapy is available to children and young people of all ages and abilities across the school and is adjusted to their developmental needs.

Pupils are offered weekly, individual or group sessions depending on their needs and the work can be short or long term, depending on the reason for the referral and/or their engagement with the process.

The aim of the sessions is to support learners’ development and wellbeing by working with their unique musical identity. It can provide a way of communicating where other methods may be challenging, opportunity for social interaction, an emotional and creative outlet, an opportunity for live music making, as well as supporting confidence and possibilities.

Whilst our trainee music therapist does cater for learners who already show musical skill or a keen interest in music, they also engage with learners who struggle with communication or emotional regulation.