Employment Pathway

Careers Education

Vocational skills are at the heart of our curriculum. In every year group, pupils will be working on skills that could later be adapted for the workplace. Here's a full careers education summary for BeyondAutism Schools as well as our careers policy.

BA Café

BA Café runs at Tram House School every Thursday. It is an opportunity for pupils to develop their daily living skills as well as participate in a social enterprise. The skills that they develop could lead to further employment opportunities within the hospitality industry.

BA Café is managed and run by the pupils. The menu is updated half termly and pupil voice is crucial in the development of the menu choices and the creation of the recipes.

BA Café consists of 6 departments working collaboratively together: front office department; food production department; food and beverage service; housekeeping department; procurement department and the accounts department. Read more about the different teams.