ASDAN Awards Ceremony 2018

Last Friday, Tram House School held their ASDAN Awards ceremony. Over the last two years a group of Tram House pupils have been working towards their Personal Progress qualification. One pupil from our Post-19 provision also attended the ceremony to collect his Personal and Social Development qualification.

ASDAN courses provide an engaging curriculum that empowers students through personalised learning and choice. Learners develop a range of skills on the course from teamwork to communication and from research to problem-solving. Pupils tried different activities to increase their independence such as gardening and taking public transport in the community. One pupil engaged in a mini-enterprise project to fund a class trip to Brighton. He chose a cupcake recipe, designed a poster, and went around classes selling the cupcakes to raise enough money to take his class to the seaside for the day.

We are very proud of all of our pupils for gaining their qualifications and for all of their hard work over the last two years!