Vocational and Employment

As part of the Sixth Form curriculum, all pupils have the opportunity to participate in a range of vocational opportunities. At the start of Sixth Form, with the support of staff, pupils meet with our vocational advisor to discuss which placements they would like to try. This information feeds into Year 12 and Year 13, where pupils have the opportunity to try a range of different placements, providing feedback about their experiences during these placements. Using the feedback given from pupils, in Year 14 they are given a choice over which placements they prefer and would like to try long-term. Year 14 is spent building upon the skills they have already learnt.

We currently have placements at a supermarket, hotel, warehouse, cafés, gardening centre, offices and a library. At each placement our pupils have a wide variety of responsibilities and are supported to develop their skills. The outcome from the placements should be that pupils are able to identify what area they would like to work in and what support they will need to achieve this.

During the pandemic we had to adapt and work in new ways with many of the external employers we work with having to close. We developed a range of in-house placements for pupils to try. 

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities for our learners. If you would like to offer a placement to one of our pupils, please get in touch