In the Community

As part of the curriculum, pupils are given more chances to engage in the local community in Sixth Form. Being out in the community provides an opportunity to teach skills they need to be as independent as possible.

During Years 12 and 13 pupils engage with a wide variety of enrichment activities, including trips to the local community. During these first years in Sixth Form, we gather pupil feedback and ascertain their preferences for community outings and work experience. Outings include, although are not limited to, visiting local cafes and restaurants where pupils can learn to order food and leisure opportunities such as the cinema and going shopping. All of these experiences help our pupils to develop their social skills, learn how to budget and help get them used to local travel by bus and train.

We are lucky to be close to a number of parks and gardens that our pupils can visit as part of their wellbeing programmes.

During the pandemic, we have also taken the time to evaluate what our work experience provision looks like for our pupils. With lockdown restrictions in place for a substantial time, we did not want our pupils to miss out on valuable learning opportunities. Therefore, we developed a suite of internal work experience placements for all our learners.