Health and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of pupils is central to everything that we do in Sixth Form. By building communication skills and enabling pupils to have a voice, we learn their likes and dislikes to create a suitable timetable to develop their ideal week. Part of our delivery of the Education, Health and Care Plan involves assessing what it is our pupils need to become a happy, healthy adult. By giving our pupils choice and opportunity, pupils can feel empowered and live their life in a way that suits them, supporting their health and wellbeing into adulthood.

Teaching and Learning Practitioners work closely with Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy to support the sensory and communication needs of pupils. Using adapted Zones of Regulation programmes we teach pupils to manage their own emotions and develop strategies to support their emotional wellbeing and behaviours, preparing them for when they leave school.

Each class in Sixth Form has a Wellbeing Champion who is responsible for leading on wellbeing experiences in their class to support pupils to find strategies that support their emotional regulation and wellbeing. Each pupil will have a visual with strategies that supports them with their emotional regulation and wellbeing.

Sixth Form is working towards the Wellbeing Award, an award built on eight objectives which epitomise best practice. For more information on this award and the progress so far, visit the Tram House School wellbeing page.

How We Offer Support

In Tram House Sixth Form, we offer a variety of different interventions to help support pupil mental health and wellbeing. We recognize that every student is unique, and therefore offer a diverse range of support options:

Support Options include:

Group work

Our teachers work towards a PSHE curriculum that is tailored to their individual needs. Through modules such as ‘me: self-expression’, ‘keeping healthy’ and ‘me and others: relationships’, our pupils develop an understanding of their own wellbeing and emotional needs.

Sixth Form Curriculum

Our Curriculum embeds choice and opportunities for our pupils to develop their interests and wellbeing experiences. By gaining feedback after each experience, our pupils tell us what they want to specialise in moving into Year 14, with the aim to support them to develop new interests and wellbeing strategies they can use moving into adulthood.

Music Therapist

Our Music Therapist supports our pupils with their emotional wellbeing through musical response, design music sessions for pupils and small groups and music improvisation.

Wellbeing Champions

A wellbeing lead in each class to create opportunities for our pupils to explore wellbeing strategies.

Therapy Team

Dedicated Therapy Team working on communication, independence skills and working with an adapted zones of regulation programme to develop expressing emotional language, strategies and pupil voice.