Pupils in the Sixth Form follow individualised programmes that respond to individual needs. The personalised timetables are built around the pupil’s Individual Education Plan and Education, Health and Care Plan. For our Post-16 pupils, their outcomes are built around the Preparing for Adulthood strands: health and wellbeing, independent living, community participation and vocational and employment. They receive group teaching in the following subject areas: literacy, numeracy, STEM, PSHE, computing, physical education and performing arts.

Pupils in the Sixth Form have an opportunity to engage in a wide range of physical and mental health activities, including: accessing the gym, yoga, P.E., as well as additional sporting events throughout the year.

Pupils also work on their employability skills during their time in the Sixth Form. We have developed a pathways model which stimulates the pupils and enables them to work towards employability. The pathways model covers both the academic and vocational opportunities and qualifications that pupils work towards during their 3 years in the Sixth Form. We also offer pupils a series of work experience opportunities. Please see our vocational and employment section for more details.

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