At Tram House School, we strive towards empowering our young adults to lead lives full of choice and opportunity.

We focus on understanding the journey that our young adults are on and the need to build their skills and understanding as far as possible, whilst equipping them with meaningful qualifications and the resilience to use these in their future lives.

We have taken the time to know and understand our young adults and their family’s needs and have designed a functional and creative curriculum that promotes a growing independence, total communication, a love of learning and inspiring relationships.

Our school community is vital to us and this is built on a trusting relationship with parents and carers, as well as extending into the local community as we develop meaningful learning experiences for our young adults as they move into their adult lives.

All staff at Tram House School are committed to the development of pupil safety and wellbeing and this is at the heart of all work that we do.

"Pupils evidently love learning at Tram House School and make outstanding progress."

- Ofsted, 2018

Ofsted Outstanding Provider