How We Teach

“Leaders have developed an ambitious curriculum for pupils. It covers all the required areas of learning and gives pupils a broad, rich experience. Leaders have developed an education programme which is unique and tailored for each pupil.”

- Ofsted 2023

We use strategies underpinned by Behaviour Analysis in our teaching. Teaching with Behaviour Analysis helps us understand behaviours that challenge, ensuring our pupils access a broad, balanced and specialised curriculum - drawing on a range of assessment tools, the National Curriculum and working towards the outcomes stated on a pupil’s EHCP.

Our teaching focuses on language development, particularly functional communication. We aim to develop learning, independent living skills and personal, social and emotional development through highly effective teaching in a variety of ways.

Activities include outdoor playtime, art, music, PE, yoga, and swimming. Regular class community trips, library trips and other school and class outings are planned each term.

All pupils participate in weekly assemblies and there are drama opportunities throughout the year including a Song Club and a full length Winter Production in December. These opportunities improve communication and public speaking skills, boosting pupils’ confidence and self-esteem.

At Park House School we:

  • Use Individual Education Programmes (IEPs) aimed at teaching appropriate and functional behaviours
  • Break down skills into achievable goals
  • Use data to measure achievement and success of teaching methods
  • Maximize opportunities for our pupils to respond and actively participate in learning
  • Generalise and maintain learned skills
  • Provide opportunities such as paired/group learning for 1:1 support to be reduced when deemed appropriate for the pupil
  • Use group learning to teach relevant academic skills
  • Work closely with the Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy teams
  • Are a signing community, and all staff are trained in Makaton sign language and other forms of communication styles.

“Staff ensure that pupils can use a variety of ways to communicate and express themselves confidently. They learn to use signing and visual cues, as well as verbal and written methods.”

- Ofsted 2023