Attending Medical Appointments

This term, pupils from Park House School have started attending desensitisation sessions at Brocklebank Practice. Desensitisation is the gradual exposure to a situation or object that an individual finds uncomfortable or scary.

Many of our pupils find medical appointments difficult as they may not understand the reasons behind them. Moreover, doctors’ surgeries are usually associated with unfamiliar places, people and pain. This anxiety can, in turn, cause stress for the parents.

In order to help our pupils and support their parents with attending necessary medical appointments, we have established a connection with Brocklebank Practice in Earlsfield. They have kindly allowed us to attend weekly sessions in their practice so we can start working on different skills. This includes things like signing in on the screen and working on waiting in the waiting room, in an unfamiliar setting for the pupil.

Small steps are being taken every week with the ultimate goal of the pupils feeling more comfortable in that environment and less anxious when attending appointments with their family. Thank you to Brocklebank Practice for allowing us to use their space!