Sport England grant gets pupils on their bikes!

With so many other activities currently still not possible due to the coronavirus pandemic, taking exercise is more important than ever.

Cycling for our pupils can offer fun and fitness whilst at school or during time at home with family. However, many of our young learners have never cycled before. Quite often a pupil’s lack of opportunity to get on a bike means they’ve simply not learned the essential skills required.

National Lottery funding from Sport England has provided £7,400 towards the costs of specially adapted trikes and safety equipment, allowing our staff to spend time with each pupil honing skills and raising confidence. There is a suitably sized trike for everyone, and these specialist trikes improve coordination and proficiency, improving mental well-being and raising self-esteem in a way that sport essentially does to young children at this age.

The experience and practice will bring an opportunity for each child to eventually transition from three wheels to two. Carefully supervised trips outside of the playground will see our pupils having the opportunity to ride in the park giving a sense of open space and independence.