Journal Group

During the Winter Term, the Therapy Team at Sixth Form developed a new ‘Journal Group’ – a pupil-led initiative that focuses on developing essential skills such as conversational abilities, writing proficiency and creativity.   

Pupils participating in Journal Group engage in various activities intended to encourage self-expression and communication. This includes writing exercises, conversation practise and creating scrapbooks. 

Through guided discussions and with visual support, learners are encouraged to express themselves verbally, actively listen to others and engage in meaningful conversations.  
Learners are involved in hands-on activities such as cutting, pasting and organising materials to create personalised scrapbooks. This not only enhances their fine motor skills but also encourages creativity and self-reflection.  
Journal Group provides learners with further opportunities to develop their voice and express their thoughts and ideas. It also helps them to develop critical skills such as accurate recall of events that happened in the day and how they felt about them. The Journal Group provides a time at the end of the learner’s day to sit and reflect on the day and gain some feedback in terms of their school experience.  
We have seen great improvements in the learners’ ability to engage in conversation about their day plus an improvement in writing legibility. One student in particular has shown amazing progress with his writing. Having started off writing within guided squares, through Journal Group, he has improved his skills and is now able to write on lined paper.  Moving forward, the team are looking into creative ways in which this can be embedded and further accessed by a greater variety of pupils across the Sixth Form.  We’re looking forward to hearing and reading more about the Sixth Former’s school days!