Black History Month Celebrations 2017

On Friday 6th October BeyondAutism Schools celebrated Black History Month. Students were given the opportunity to take part in a range of activities allowing them to experience and embrace different elements of black culture.

In the morning, students were given the chance to create their own African inspired jewellery to wear for the day. In their classes, students made personalised bracelets and necklaces.

Broken Connexion, a jazz/reggae band, came into both schools to perform songs from different influential black artists such as Ray Charles and Bob Marley. Musical instruments, recently purchased from the Rainy Day Fund, were placed around the room for students to play along with the band. This opportunity was seized by many of the students who danced, sung and played the afternoon away!

Whilst enjoying the music, traditional African and Caribbean snacks such as plantain and spiced buns were laid out for students to try. Students at Tram House also had a go at making their own banana fritters with ice-cream.

It was a brilliant day of celebration across the two schools!